"We bought your BalePlus System in June because of the drought. Our pasture
was burned up and we had to feed wheat straw or sell out. That’s all we had.  
Not only did our cows eat the wheat straw, they gained weight.  We are now
buying our neighbors’ cows.  Thank you for saving our farm."   -Texas
"I ordered your 3 point hitch injection system and ProteinPlus supplements and
believed it would work. Why wouldn’t it?  You put molasses inside a bale, cows
are going to go for it. But, we were real surprised at how those cows went after
those old bales they had refused to eat before, and they’re all taking in more
roughage."  - Kansas
"You told us if we injected your molasses protein supplements into cornstalk
bales that our cows would eat it.  Well, I’m here to tell you, they not only eat it,
they love it.  Your system is saving us a bundle on supplements.  We’re
ordering a second pallet and are going to feed rice straw."  - Arkansas
"Your molasses injection system has made keeping our cows much easier.  We
just have a few, but we’re in our seventies and the 3 point hitch machine and
the BalePlus supplements make it real easy to feed."  - Oklahoma
"We're in dire straits here. My cows refused the corn stalk bales, and 5 year old
bales we had until I injected BalePlus' ProteinPlus into them. Now I have to 'fight
them off' before I can unload them to feed"  -Texas
"I am treating old bales I got for free with BalePlus.  It's costing me $5 a bale to
treat them.  My cows are cleaning up those bales, hardly anything left. With
bales going for $75-80 here in Texas, think how much I'm saving!  -Texas
"I put some old bales out to feed, some I treated with BalePlus' ProteinPlus and
the others, I left untreated.  The treated bales are gone.  The other bales were
picked on and left alone until I treated them. Now, they're gone.  Both I and my
cows are well satisfied. Thanks.  -Arkansas
“You told me I would cut back on tubs, but, my cows have cut back on minerals,
too, saving me a bunch.”  - Florida

(NOTE: BalePlus ALL SEASONS formula contains twice the minerals
found in good hay)
“My cows are eating old hay all the way to the ground and then laying down.
They’re ignoring our lick tanks”  - Louisiana
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