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New: Large Square Bale Injection System
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BalePlus™ announces our Large Square Bale Injection System.  

For more than 15 years, thousands of cattle operators have turned
“bad hay into good hay” with our 3 point hitch, front end loader and
portable injectors.

custom designed to inject Our BalePlus ProteinPlus™  ALL SEASON™  
Nutrition supplement formula into any large square bale.

Tractor mounted for 3 point hitch and
front end loaders, the new injector
spreads BalePlus protein, energy,
vitamins and minerals in 30 seconds,
throughout the bale, making it
nutritionally rich for immediate feeding
or stored for later feeding.

Tractor mounted unit  (REAR VIEW)

Injector includes a 300 psi pump system

Mix/Inject Feature:

Set the valve to "Mix" and the BalePlus
Large Square Bale Injector mixes
ProteinPlus ALL SEASON Formula and
water for you.

Change the valve to "Inject" and you are
ready add BalePlus Protein, Energy,
Vitamins and Minerals to ANY forage.
Manifold Feature:

BalePlus proprietary manifold
distribution system delivers BalePlus
ALL SEASON Protein, Energy, Vitamins
and Minerals evenly within the bale
through 4 forged steel "toothpick"
injector spears.  

ANY Large Square Baled forage, even
CRP, goes from bad hay to good hay in a
matter of seconds. Ready to feed or

About the Inventor:
Tom Cox is the Engineer, Cattle Nutritionist and Inventor of the
original, patented baled forage injection system U.S. Patent
6,126,985 “Method, Apparatus and Composition for Treating a Bale
of Hay.