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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
Many of you who inquire about BalePlus Forage Injection want to know more about how Bale
Injection works and why.  Our system, including both the injection equipment and the concentrated
nutritional formulas, is now being used by cattlemen in 48 states. Here’s what many have asked:

Q:        INJECT versus Pour On?

A:        Many ask if they can buy the ALL SEASON Concentrate and not the injector. We sell it, but
“pouring on” will not saturate the bale properly and will waste nutrition.

Our injectors are intended to “HIDE” the ALL SEASON Protein, Energy, vitamins and minerals in the
bale to make the cows work for it and, therefore, consume more forage and clean up poor bales.
We guarantee the “System,” which means the ALL SEASON injected with our BalePlus injectors.
With more than 2000 customers in the US and Canada, we have NEVER had a complaint that our
system didn’t work.

Q:         How does it work?

A:         In a nutshell, cows prefer to chew and cud on forage rather than use lick tanks, protein
tubs and other unnatural supplements.  Chewing on forage is the natural thing to do.  Lick tanks
and protein tubs have serious drawbacks.

Therefore, It makes better sense to put what cows like and need into available forage like wheat
straw, cornstalks, CRP, anything you can bale. Our portable and tractor-mounted injectors “hide”
BalePlus™ ProteinPlus™ formulas deep in the bale to make cows work for it. The good result is
cows eat forage they may have refused, getting the leftover feed value from that forage (saving
the cost of those bales)  and adding more Crude Protein,  energy, vitamins and minerals for
approximately $8 ton.

Our ProteinPlus™ Concentrates mix with water and provide protein, energy, vitamins and minerals
in bales to gain feed value from any forage.  ProteinPlus™ smells good and tastes good because of
our added flavors and pure cane molasses base.

BalePlus™ is the most common sense, money saving,  feed idea available and has been proven
over more than 25 years since Tom Cox, a Georgia cattleman invented and patented it (U.S. Patent
6,126,985 “Method, Apparatus and Composition for Treating a Bale of Hay.”

Q:        Does the formula” go bad?”  Or, Freeze?

A:        ProteinPlus™ concentrates stored in a cool, dry place in their original unopened containers
(2 ½ gallon jugs) last for years.  They do not freeze in their container or in bales. Once mixed with
water, they could freeze in very cold temperatures, but it does not decrease its effectiveness.  We
recommend you “over treat” your last few bales to empty the system, or take the same care with
“the mix” as you would with your tractor-storing it in your barn.  In warm weather, left in the tank
with water, it will ferment in a few days.  

Q:        Guaranteed?

A:        Yes. Both injectors and ProteinPlus™ concentrates are  replacement  warranted for one year.

Q:        Are other Cattlemen Using BalePlus™?

A:        With more than 20 years in business, we have thousands of satisfied customers throughout
the USA and other countries.

Q:        Can I reorder concentrates anytime?

A:        BalePlus™ injectors and ProteinPlus™ concentrates  are available all year long by phone:
706-889-5990; and by email:

You may reorder ProteinPlus concentrates by the pallet (twenty 2 ½ gallon jugs) for $549 plus
shipping; or by the 250 gallon tote, for $1999 plus shipping.

Q:        How do I learn to use and maximize the system?

A:        We provide complete, easy-to-follow instruction materials in video, brochure and label form
on the injectors.  We also are available by phone to answer questions,  if you are “in the field” 706-

Q:        Can I Treat other folks’ bales?

A:        Yes, and make good money at it. Your out-of-pocket cost for treating a bale is about $4  
per1000 pound bale. We suggest you charge between $8 and $10, plus some fuel charge if greater
than a few miles.

Q:         Can I eliminate all other supplements?

A:        BalePlus™ does not claim to be the “end-all” answer to feeding.  We suggest you keep your
current  feed system in place and observe your herd’s  feeding preferences and results for at least
30 days.  What most BalePlus™ users observe is that cows reduce their use of the unnatural
supplemental systems like lick tanks and protein tubs, preferring to eat BalePlus™-treated forage,
saving significant costs.

Q:        Can you treat and Feed Immediately or do we have to wait?

A:        You may treat and feed immediately. It takes about an hour for the ProteinPlus™ formula to
permeate the bale the expected 60-70%.  Cows may begin eating at the core where they smell the
“good stuff.”

Q:        Can you treat and feed later?

A:        Yes. We guarantee the ProteinPlus™ formula in treated bales for 30 days, but many BalePlus
users store treated bales for longer periods.

Q:        Can we unroll treated bales or chop and mix them?

A:        Yes, We have many customers who do.

Q:        How much is shipping?

A:        Provide us with which system or re-order you would like and your zip code,  and within 60
seconds, we will give you the delivered cost, including shipping.

Q:        How long do I have to wait to get my order?

A:        Once we receive your payment, your order will be delivered within a week.

Q:        What is the difference between BalePlus and HayMaster Systems?

A:        HayMaster is no longer operating.

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